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There are many different types of customer service. All over the world of business, customer service jobs vary. But at its core, the fundamental building blocks that make up customer service jobs remain the same.
Let me share some of them with you. In fact, they are the same strategies we employ with our clients who hire our outsourced customer service management services over at
For one, being a good CSR (customer service representative) takes a certain set of skills. One needs to be able to listen carefully. But it takes more than that.
Don’t Just Listen, Relate
So much of good customer service is about relating to the customer or client in a way that lets them know that you’ve been in their shoes.
You could tell them a story about how you’ve been at the raw end of a bad deal, or let them know that you too have purchased the same product they are buying.
It’s a classic sales tactic!
As a matter of fact, I was in a Wal-Mart electronics department just this last Saturday, when the sales clerk told me he had recently bought the same flat screen he was selling me.
How many times have you seen this? If the top salesman in many industries are using this simple technique, shouldn’t your customer service team use it, too?
Identify Needs, and Fulfill Them Before They Ask
A fantastic customer service agent will always try to go beyond the call of duty. You’ll probably be able to name a few instances in your life when a CSR has done this.
Maybe they talked to their manager and got you a better deal. Maybe they made your refund fast and easy when you expected it to be long and difficult. Or maybe they just made you laugh when you had a terrible day.
In all three cases, one thing is clear: the CSR figured out what you needed, and gave it to you before you asked.
That’s one of the biggest secrets in customer service, and as a matter of fact, all of life.
How do you become a better employee? A better spouse? A better leader? You figure out your beneficiary’s needs, and perform them before they have a chance to ask.